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Managing Stress This Time of Year

We’re moving into that time of the year when stress starts to increase. For some reason the goal of a happy Christmas has turned into giving people ulcers over preparation and trying to achieve that perfect holiday. Even at work we’re trying to wrap up projects before end of the year deadlines. The stress keeps piling on.

Hi folks. Steve Hammond here from

According to the Mayo Clinic there are 5 stress management techniques that will help you relieve stress fast. Let me just list them for you.

· Your perspective of stress is a reality. Remember that perception is reality to the person who perceives it.

· Reframe stress. In other words, give it a new context. You don’t wear a cape.

· Tend and Befriend. The worst thinking is that ignoring your stress will make it go away. The second worst thing is isolating yourself until it goes away. Wrong direction.

· Control your cortisol. This one is too involved to say much. Check a respected medical source to find out how to do this.

· Anti-stress body language. Body language and mental state attempt to sync. You work differently if you slouch than if you sit up with good posture. Stress affects and is affected by your body language. Experiment with this.

As you head into this “happy” time of the year, address stress head-on and keep it at a manageable level. Please don’t think isolation or ignoring it is a good way to deal with it.

Well, that’s it for today.

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