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Is there conflict in your life?

Is there conflict in your life? Chances are the answer is “yes”. Wherever there are interpersonal relationships, there is the potential for conflict. We all have a will of our own and our will often come into conflict with the will of others.

Hi folks. Steve Hammond here from

Experts tell us that there are five levels of conflict. Each one is progressively more severe than the previous level. In other words, conflict intensifies as more layers, incidents, and events transpire.

But let’s think about something. We live in an age of instant everything. Messages which used to take months to cross oceans on ship, be carried by horseback (later bicycles), and delivered by hand are now transmitted around the world nearly instantaneously. We like instant food. We like preassembled products. I want it now!

When it comes to conflict, we want a button or a prescription to alleviate the conflict instantly. Trouble is, we didn’t get to the present level of conflict in one step and we aren’t going to see it resolved in one step.

Conflict resolution requires retracing our steps backwards to get out of the problem. Think of conflict like going into a cave. The way back out of the cave is to retrace the steps that got you in.

Conflict resolution is not an instant fix. After the first level or two resolution to conflict may require an outside party to arbitrate the matter satisfactorily.

Well, that’s it for today.

If you need help with conflict or a speaker for your next virtual or live event, shoot me an email or call me. Let’s see if we can resolve the situation together.

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