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How to keep employees engaged in a virtual world

Some estimates are that half the workforce has gone virtual. Some predict that roughly half of those who used to commute to work will no longer be doing so but will connect virtually from home.

In the past employers have spent billions of dollars on office space and equipment in order to have a measure of accountability to their employees. Many worry about the laxness of a home office.

Hi folks. Steve Hammond here from

One of the concerns about home offices and virtual employees is the result of moving toward a time-centered, rather than a product-centered, approach to work. Think about it.

In many places, how much time one is “on the job” is measured more than what one has accomplished. We have exchanged output for time input.

What if employers could break that mold and start thinking in terms of accomplishment, rather than time served? (chuckle)

What if we began the week with a goal of what needed to be accomplished, goals achieved, or deadlines met? What if virtual employees could really be on their own once they met the criteria established at the beginning of the week?

I’ll tell you what I would predict. I would predict that the time to accomplish work-related items would diminish as employees realized that a long weekend was coming.

Now to be sure, this would need to be a realistic set of goals. Giving someone what would require more than a week to accomplish before they can call it a week will not result in greater motivation.

Well, that’s it for today.

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