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How much do you enjoy your work?

How much do you enjoy your job? Seriously. You’ve heard the old saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.” I’m not sure that is entirely true.

Hi folks. Steve Hammond here from

Even when you love what you do, there are still aspects of a job that are not as pleasant as others. Some tasks require that we just grind through them.

But here’s something that can really help. Reduce your stress level. My observation is that one of the greatest causes of stress is not having a system for capturing and staying on top of work. Pretty soon our internal panic button goes off saying you have less than 10 minutes to eat this whole elephant. That is not a fun feeling.

Keeping track of tasks that are small enough to accomplish easily is a great way to get rid of that ugly stress and give you a much better sense of progress.

How do you track what you do? I can help. When I speak and do workshops, I almost always take time to explain this concept in a practical, helpful way. Hey, I’ve even written a book on it called “Lessons Learned in Time Management.”

I have to tell you, I really enjoy helping folks in this way. Still, there are some aspects that I must just make myself do even when I do not want to do them.

Well, that’s it for today.

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Remember: “I make folks unfireable.”

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