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Employee Performance & Engagement in Wastewater

Have you ever officiated a sporting event? I would especially call your attention to a fast-moving sporting event, like basketball. As a young man I once had to officiate a basketball game. While I was deciding if I had seen a foul, three more violations happened. I had fans on both sides yelling at me to “make a call.”

Hi folks. Steve Hammond here from

I was once an elected official. Like officiating a sporting event, that gives one a much different perspective than just sitting on the sidelines criticizing.

One of the duties I had was the inglorious job of overseeing wastewater. That’s a fancy name for sewage. That is not a sexy subject, but I guarantee you that is a necessary function of any society.

Having worked in that area of government I saw many dedicated people providing a not-so-glamorous service. To be sure, I also saw my share of folks who were trying to do as little as possible giving the rest a bad name.

How many unethical used-car salesmen does it take to paint the whole industry with a bad name? Government is in the same position.

So, one of the things for which I have developed is a passion is helping folks in jobs like wastewater develop a good work ethic. I help them become better at what they do with a better sense of who they are. I like to say that I help wastewater employees with engagement and performance. In other words, I make folks unfireable!

Well, that’s it for today. If you are needing an event speaker, a workshop leader, or a training, please remember – “I make folks unfireable.”

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