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Are Coaches Worth It?

During the Holiday season I spend a bit of time watching college football bowl games. Sometimes we hear how much coaches are being paid and it seems ridiculously a lot of money. Then one thinks about how much a college brings in if they get to, play in and win a bowl game. All of a sudden it makes sense. Sports have always acknowledged the benefit of coaching.

Somehow, business has not always seen this advantage. Although athletes do not see coaching as a failure or lack of ability on the part of the athlete, for some reason there are those in business who do see coaching as a non-essential expenditure. Worse, some feel that hiring a coach is an admission of failure — a lack of ability — a waste of money. They don't see what increase comes from good coaching.

I often marvel over the difference. An athlete benefits from someone helping bring out their best and are proud to have a coach. I've talked to people in the business world whose attitude is, "I know what I'm doing. I don't need a coach."

Of course you know what you're doing. You wouldn't be on the field (or team) if you didn't.

What you know and your abilities are not the point. Enhancing them and making the most of them is the point. It's the increase over going it alone that is the point. Good coaches are worth as much or more than they are paid.

That is true in sports. That is true in business.

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