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"During my time in government, I had special oversight over wastewater treatment, including facilities, new construction, and personnel. I have a passion for helping folks, especially in wastewater, develop greater employee engagement and performance." Steve Hammond


From birthing an award-winning non-profit and expanding it into multiple states to being elected to legislate for 1.9 million people while keeping oversight over a multi-billion-dollar capital construction project, Steve has had a wide variety of experiences. He has been a small business owner, salesman, driven mixers and 18-wheel, and helped build his own house. He enjoys riding his H-D motorcycle.

He has watched both the rising cost of employee turnover and the individual need for job security. Steve's speeches focus on employee engagement and performance with special emphasis on the qualities that make a great employee/team member.

A gifted speaker with the ability to keep an audience’s attention, he has taught seminars in all 50 states on subjects ranging from from conflict resolution to project management.

He is the author of Lessons Learned in Time Management, published by

I Make Folks Unfireable!

Live or Virtual

  • Keynote Speeches

  • After-Dinner Speeches

  • ​Seminars

  • Half-Day Workshops

  • Full-Day Workshops

  • ​Executive Coaching


“I was given real tools that I can use as soon as I get back to the office. Mr. Hammond has been the best seminar leader I have ever had! I have never learned so much useful information in 6 hours before!” 

— Little Rock, AR



“Mr. Hammond is superb at his craft. He is engaging and knowledgeable, provides great examples and insights. . .This [training] will help me to streamline projects in a more concise and efficient manner. I have developed more insight for listening and strengthening a team. . . I really feel the investment from my company will result in a successful bottom line and R.O.I.”

— Chicago, IL

“[Mr. Hammond] was the best instructor I have ever had in a business class and most relevant. Great job!”

— Carlsbad, CA



“[Mr. Hammond] hit every point on the mark. . . Kept everyone engaged.”

— Honolulu, HI



“Steve has a lot of knowledge and experience to bring. . . has given me ideas and tools to use in my day to day duties along with large projects.” 

— Jefferson City, MO

About The Name

Moving to Fort Worth (Foat Wuth), I noticed the number of ranches and ranch related names. Not coming from a big city myself, I wasn't about to abandon my more rural past. So, I named my business a ranch – albeit a ranch without livestock. Thus was born, Horseless Ranch, Inc.

Although many folks know me through "Steve Hammond Speaks," and "I make folks unfireable," the main business is still Horseless Ranch, Inc. We still believe that, "Whatever your business, your business is people."

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